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Are you looking for a company where you can learn more, develop and progress? One that knows exactly why you are so important and treats you as such. A place where you are supported every step of the way?

You’ve come to the right place

Picture being surrounded by people who treat you as they want to be treated themselves. They prefer smiling to frowning, get a kick out of hard work and work their hardest in the midst of a friendly buzz. There’s room to relax when you need to and no ceiling on where you could end up.

This is life at Portafina. We are everything that we are because of the fantastic people who work here. And most of our team leaders and managers, as well as many senior members of staff, have come up through the ranks since we started. It has been an exhilarating journey with a passionate, committed and sociable bunch. And long may it continue, with you on board, too?

Some of our people

People who enjoy helping other people. That’s central to our hiring policy. You can train all the other stuff, but being a friendly person – that comes from within.

Nathan Christian

It started off as work experience in the sales team at 16. I was hooked, got stuck in and got an apprenticeship. That turned to full time soon enough and I’m getting a big kick out of helping clients throughout their journey with us. My next aim is independent financial adviser and Portafina is helping me to get there, too.

Owen Toombs
Systems Support Executive

“Like it or not (and I love it!), much of our world is driven by technology. And for us, making the most of existing and new technologies means we can be faster and more efficient. Ultimately, this means we are better and quicker at delivering what our clients want and need. I’ve spared you the techie details of what I do…but I’m always happy to go into more detail!”

Robyn McIntyre
Review Team Leader

“Take That definitely got one thing right…everything changes! And even what seems like a small life change could affect how a pension should be invested and managed. My team looks after all of this for our clients, to help make sure their savings are working as hard as they possibly can for them and their journey into retirement is as stress-free as possible.”

Claudia Hill
Digital Marketing Executive

“Diverse, dynamic and exciting. After two years with the marketing team these are the words I’d use to describe my job. It’s not the way I viewed the financial industry a couple of years ago; this place is different, though. I’ve been given so many opportunities to learn on the job and I’ve grabbed each one with eager hands.”

How we like to treat people

Portafina is a meritocracy, a fantastically flexible environment for people who have the ability to grow and help others to grow with them. We look after and support each other.

We love saying thank-you for a job well done and are genuinely interested in what makes you tick outside of work. And if we recognise great qualities then we will help you to bring them out.

Then there are all the other things you should expect: a generous pension (of course!), great healthcare options, more than just a card on your birthday and a host of social events to choose from.

We are always looking for…

IFAs and financial planners

Do you get a thrill out of securing for people a better financial future and absolutely believe that everyone should have access to great advice?


Are you passionate about going that extra mile to help a client get from where they are now to where they want to be, even when the going gets tough?


Are your cockles warmed by getting to the heart of what someone needs and wants with an open ear, compassionate heart and a knack for the art of chat?

Customer relations

Do you see people who are looking for your help where others see sales leads? Are you ready to properly understand the problem before talking about solutions?

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