Customer Relations

Do you see people who are looking for your help where others see sales leads? Are you ready to properly understand the problem before talking about solutions?

In a nutshell

Making great financial advice available to the masses. That’s what we do. And it takes a number of dedicated, friendly teams to make sure this happens – on time, every time.

That’s where you could fit in. We need a full-time customer relations bod to help potential and existing clients at key points during their journey with us. The hours are 8am – 6pm on varying shift patterns. Bonuses and overtime could add some weight to your wages.

In a typical day

If you’ve got this far then you are still interested. Great news! So, let’s have a look at the main things you would be doing every day:

  • Answering calls from potentially new clients, using your calm, confident and caring charms to help them to get to grips with how we could help them.
  • Every day people get in touch with us via our website and social media. They are curious about what we could do for them. Part of your role will be to phone these people, listen to what they need and start building a relationship.
  • Phone and answer calls from customers who we are already looking after, to answer any questions, update them on where we are at, to reassure them and to set realistic expectations.
  • Book client appointments with our paraplanning team.
  • Discuss with clients the advice we have given them, helping them to fully understand our recommendation and why we think it’s right.

You’re the kind of person who…

We’re pretty sure you’ve got lots of skills and traits that make you a great person to be around. These are the ones that are really important for this job:

  • A strong work ethic – an absolute given, as you would expect.
  • A team player: bit of a cliché, we know. This is really important to us, though.
  • The ability to listen and put yourself in other people’s shoes, so that you can understand exactly where they are coming from.
  • A storyteller: once you have got to grips with a client’s situation you will need to explain the benefits of using Portafina in words that make them comfortable, relaxed, and even excited.
  • Great judgement: you will need to know when to listen and when to use your fantastic communication skills to secure the right outcome.
  • A mind for numbers. We are helping people with their finances, so it’s important that you can quickly grasp how to paint the right picture using the numbers in front of you. We’ve got tools that can help you.
  • Finally, a few more traits that everyone seems to ask for and ones we are big, big fans of: we need someone who is dynamic, self-motivated and great at communicating. Making things clear and simple for customers is vital in this role.

People who help other people

If you have experience working for an independent financial adviser, or in a similar role – great. It’s not essential, though. We’re big believers in the right person for the job and that means who you are and how you come across are as important as your skills and experience.

If we like you and you like us then we will train you on everything else you need to know. And if things go really well there is often room to progress.

If you think you are right for this role then send us an email, along with your CV, explaining why you think you and we are meant for each other. We will then get back in touch with you as soon as possible. Take care.

Is this the right role for you?